Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half-way done!

I can't believe I'm already five months pregnant. Hit the 20 week mark yesterday. We are so excited for our baby bird, Eden. Things are going really well with my fiance and I, which makes me feel so lucky. I hear about a lot of problems in relationships during pregnancy, and the board I like to post on, babyandbump has featured one to many marriages and relationships ending to make anyone feel safe in theirs. We had a few rocky months, November and the beginning of December were rough, but we went through a lot of changes, did some growing and came out the other side better people. I am happy the holidays are over and things are feeling normal, comfortable and strong.

Aside from being wonderfully pregnant, I graduated from college in December(woo-hoo!) and started my masters program in January. (whimper) I am resolute on finishing my degree before Eden is one, which will be a huge accomplishment. My friend who has been in college about 5 years longer than me is finally going to be done the same time I am, and I just started! I go to Chapman, so all my classes are the 8 week session style, making them very challenging but over fast. I keep telling myself I can do anything for 8 weeks and not die. (I repeat this mantra probably far to often.) Overall, I am pretty pleased with how quickly schooling can get done when you really dump your all into it.

I also started a second job last august, so I work 7 days a week (that's right, not one day off) and go to school full time as well. Needless to say I am beyond busy. I would love to be better about updating this, but as it is I believe I am on week 14 of my pregnancy fill-it-out books (oops) and my cup runneth over. I hope everyone is doing fantastic, from time to time I read your guys' blogs, you know, when I should be doing homework. Maybe once I quit the second job in March (ugh only 5 more weeks!!!) I will have a bit more time. :)

Much love,

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